You love security? We are looking for a Container Security Engineer (m/f) at Giant Swarm

Giant Swarm

You love security? We are looking for a Container Security Engineer (m/f)

Full-Time in Cologne, DE - Remote OK

Your Job:

  • Everybody at Giant Swarm is taking care of security and this is nothing we want to change, but we need somebody to take the lead and feel ultimately responsible about our security design and implementations.

  • Wear the “security hat” and spread awareness and guidelines around security in the company.

  • Push hardening of containers and general infrastructure and automate the process.

  • You will be responsible for penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and maintaining our security monitoring architecture.

  • Keep an eye out on security developments in the ecosystem (like CIS benchmarks) and ensure that our product stays secure.

  • Be the goto person for the security and compliance departments at our (enterprise) customers.



  • You have experience with Linux hardening.

  • You have AWS/Azure/GCE/… and general cloud security knowledge.

  • You know about the pitfalls of securing distributed systems and container infrastructures.

  • You have been part or did security audits and know how enterprise security people think.

  • You have worked with Kubernetes and Docker in the security context.

  • You know about CI/CD and what continuously updating infrastructure means for security.

  • You have hacked stuff as a white hat.


We like to give you a glimpse on how working with Giant Swarm is like:


Creative work needs freedom and openness. We encourage you to do your work wherever and whenever you want. We expect passion and encourage sustainability. If you need rest, take it. If you take up a task, own it. If you see a problem, solve it.


Our ambitious goals are only achievable as a team. Everybody’s input is highly welcome and appreciated. Although sometimes rules and processes are necessary, we try to keep them as lean as possible. Always question the status quo and find new ways of collaboration and teamwork.


Learning is mandatory and fun at the same time. If you realize you want to expand your knowledge in a specific area, we support you with conferences, books etc.


We offer fair (transparent and open) salaries with benefits like choosing your own laptop, your choice to work at home or in a coworking space, flexible hours, minimal meetings, transparent communication, etc.. And you will participate in our stock options program. Currently our team members have more children than we are employees. So family friendliness is a must.