Giant Swarm is providing a programmable and fully managed container platform to allow developers to easily deploy, run and scale their containerized microservices, both as a hosted, as well as an on premise solution.

Job Description

You understand how systems work and tweak their behavior to your needs?

  • You will design, build, and maintain our core infrastructure
  • You will be responsible for our monitoring, logging, alerting
  • You will automate all the things

Skills & Requirements

  • You have a wide experience in Networking, Security, Linux (Kernel, Namesspaces, cgroups)
  • You must have knowledge in docker, kubernetes and CoreOS
  • You know the good and bad parts of Chef, Puppet, Ansilble or Saltstack
  • You like reverse and performance engineering
  • You automate all the things by writing code. Using bash scripts for it make you sad :)
  • You have coding skills. Go is our current favorite
  • Bonus point: You had a look into projects like Project Calico, Prometheus, Ceph, GlusterFS
  • Bonus Point 2: You have practical experience with IPMI and Arista (or Cisco) switches

About Giant Swarm GmbH


We can give you a glimpse on how working with us will be like:


Creative work needs freedom and openness. We encourage you to do your work wherever and whenever you want. We expect passion and encourage sustainability. If you need rest, take it. We don't count holidays - we count outcome.


Currently we are 15 people living and working in France, Spain, The Netherlands, The US and Germany. Our ambitious goals are only achievable as a team. Everybody’s input is highly welcome and appreciated. Although sometimes rules and processes are necessary, we try to keep them as lean as possible. Always question the status quo and find new ways of collaboration and team work.


Learning is mandatory and fun at the same time. If you realize you want to expand your knowledge in a specific area, we support you with conferences, books etc.


We offer fair (transparent and open) salaries with benefits like choosing your own laptop, jobticket, coffee flat, mate etc.. And you will participate in our stock options program. Currently our team members have more children than we are employees. So family friendliness is a must.


We are a group of entrepreneurs having worked together 10 years building highly scalable tech businesses. Having the same basic belief on how great companies are built, we have very complementary skills, allowing us to set the right foundations


We had built the first prototype of Giant Swarm for an internal project because we wanted to have this to host our future service infrastructure. Having had well over 200 servers on AWS, running on Heroku, we needed something more. After showing it to a few friends, the only responses were requests for invites or applications to work here. We couldn't ignore the signs anymore.


Software tends to become very messy when businesses scale. Giant Swarm keeps the complexity out of the product. Developers can compose and run distributed software simple and instantly. With the ease of a PaaS and all the control and flexibility of IaaS. The blueprints a developer composed are repeatable and sharable.


We are using the latest developments in containerization, server farm management, software defined networking to stand on the shoulders of giants, allowing developers to start small and really scale.